Japanese Food and Drinks

Did you know you can find authentic Japanese products and food, as well as receive services in Japanese, right here in New Zealand? What about that thing you saw on TV you can only get in NZ? Whatever it is, Vianewzealand will help you find what you’re looking for.

Miso Factory New Zealand

Owner: Noriko Miyoke

Business: Manufacture and Commercial sale of Miso paste

Established in 2014


Email: misofactorynz@gmail.com


The interview

When did you start your business?

In 2014


When are your opening hours and what specific products do you sell?

I can’t say because we don’t have a store yet, but we’ll happily take enquiries.


What made you come to New Zealand? What’s good about New Zealand?

I came here to be a tour guide at first. I loved New Zealand for its natural environment and it’s a good place to raise children. Also, I think it’s great that a lot of livestock is raised in the outdoors, rather than factory-farms, and there’s much more wild-caught fish.


What’s in the works for you right now, at work or home?

I hold a workshop about Miso and the importance food has in our lives.


Is there anything else you’d like to add about your business that’s unique or special?

We’re working hard to provide carefully chosen, healthy products at a low cost. 

From the Miso workshop. People from all walks of life are taking part in these classes. You can sense the attention to detail in safety and quality.

From the interviewer: Noriko talks about food with a fire in her eyes and brings passion and dedication to everything she does. This captivating hands-on workshop is definitely worth a try.