A showcase for NZ-loving manga-artists.


Written and illustrated by Fonjo


Editor's note: A very thought-provoking manga... Am I the only one who can't stop staring at you-know-what?

Title: Kyo the dog

Panel One:

Right: Why, isn't it hot out today?

Middle: Yes it is, Mr. Kyo.

Left: and why aren't you wearing underwear?

Panel Two:

Right: Who calls trousers underwear? Wait, I'm not wearing underwear either!

Sound effect: Woof...

Left: Oh dear!

Bottom corner: End


Written and illustrated by Saki Omame

Editor's note: Manga author Saki Omame will surely(?) make waves in NZ manga

Title: Waaee

Panel One: Why?


Panel Two:

Right: You want a muffin?

Sound: Waaee!

Left: Of course!


Panel Three:

Right: The next day...

Top left: I wanted to read that!

Middle: Waaee!


Panel Four:

Left: Oh...

Bottom right: Thought 'waaee' meant 'why?'


Translator's note: This manga plays off the similarity in sound between the Japanese shout of excitement 'waaee', and the English 'Why?'. 'Waaee' is similar in meaning to the English 'yaay' and is spelt 'Waai' when romanized properly. A valuable lesson in manga form for any learner of Japanese.


Written and illustrated by Saki Omame

Editor's note: Some things are expressed without words; the true meaning is up to your interpretation


Written and illustrated by Fonjo

Editor's note:"You must get all the ladies with that Latte art." "I wish..."

Panel One:

Right: How can I be popular?

Left: Your coffee, sir.


Panel Two:

Right: That's it!

Left: Latte Art!


Panel Three:

Right: and... done!

Left: Now to try it.


Panel Four:

Right: It's poison!

Left: Past best before date